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Stainless Steel Commercial Grease Trap for Restaurants

Effortlessly Keep Your Restaurant's Plumbing Flowing with IRONWALLS Commercial Grease Traps - The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Grease Interception!

- Easy to Install: With 3 top inlets and 2 water outlets, these grease traps are easy to install and can be easily integrated into existing plumbing systems. The compact design allows them to be installed under the sink, saving valuable space in the kitchen.
- Compliance with Regulations: The IRONWALLS Commercial Grease Traps are compliant with local and national regulations for grease interceptors, ensuring that your restaurant is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This helps to avoid fines and penalties that can result from non-com

Ironwalls Commercial Grease Traps are an essential component for any restaurant or commercial kitchen that deals with cooking oils and grease. This stainless steel grease trap is designed to fit under the sink and can hold up to 40lbs of grease. It has three top inlets and two water outlets, making it easy to install and use. The grease interceptor oil-water separator effectively separates oil and water, preventing clogs and backups in your plumbing system. This durable and reliable grease trap is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a long-lasting and efficient solution for your kitchen. Invest in the Ironwalls Commercial Grease Trap for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient kitchen.